About Us

Because you are the best you have chosen the bestDHAHRAN ENGINEERING CONSULTING OFFICE

To be one of the pioneers in the implementation of alternative energy systems in the Kingdom.To have a prominent role in making the Kingdom the best in the world of generating electricity from solar energy


Company history

Dhahran Engineering Consulting Office was established in Saudi Arabia in 1995 as a specialized office providing industrial engineering consultancy, engineering safety systems, hydraulic engineering, electromechanical engineering, and thermal engineering, Investigating technical problems in factories and power plants and found suitable solutions for technical and engineering problems and design of solar systems.
Al Dhahran Engineering Consultants is associated with a wide range of achievements in the field of industrial engineering and hydro and electric power systems after providing solutions for many problems in governmental, private sector institutions and individuals.

Our Services

Engineering verification and survey services and solutions to technical problems of power plant systems.

Verification services and solving technical and engineering problems in desalination plants and plants.

Technical and financial studies and designs of the latest solar systems using the latest solar energy software.


Specialized in our work

The office has started a new line of work for about two years, specializing in design and studies of the solar systems. The office was able to obtain design certifications from accredited institutes of King Abdul Aziz City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy and also obtained a license from the Saudi Electricity Company for solar systems
Over the past two years, the Office has carried out several technical and financial studies for several leading companies in Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Aramco, Sipchem Petrochemical Industries company, Yanbu Cement Company, and Dubai International Coatings Company. The office also made designs for two projects for installation of the solar system with a capacity of 80 kW and 50 kW.