Engineering Dhahran Consulting Office

Our vision is to be one of the pioneers in the implementation of alternative energy systems in the Kingdom
To have a prominent role in making the Kingdom the best in the world of generating electricity from solar energy

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Chairman's Speech

Yousef A. Alouhali

Our success as specialized engineers in investigating problems and inquests and finding it’s appropriate solutions was a motivation for us to establish Dhahran Engineering Consulting Office
The Office has set its sights on supporting the industrial and alternative energy sector in Saudi Arabia
Our expertise in engineering, operating and maintenance of power plants and water desalination and our determination to adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety through our competencies which enabled us to move confidently towards achieving our company’s goals for which we have developed
We have obtained a license from the Saudi Electricity Company for the designs of solar energy systems. Our works have contributed in the investigation and access to the causes of the technical problems facing the boilers, steam turbines, gas turbines in the Saudi Electricity Company and we have created technical solutions that have been applied and solved technical problems

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Our values

Provide appropriate engineering solutions, find technical problems, and develop an appropriate mechanism to overcome obstacles

Ensuring that the best results are obtained from industrial engineering projects
Speed in completing work and implementing solutions
Care for accuracy and quality of work using the latest findings of laboratory work in verification and investigation
Credibility and integrity with customers
Reduce the operating cost to our customers to the minimum by providing the appropriate technical engineering study

Our Strategic Target

Focus on quality and high value in all services provided by the office

Design at least 5 MW/h of solar energy over the next three years

Employ Saudi engineers and cadres and give them the necessary expertise to support the industrial and engineering sector in the Kingdom

Contribute to the achievement of industrial growth in the Kingdom

Provide the best engineering services for hydro and electric power systems and solve problems and obstacles related to it.

1. Plan
2. Design
3. Delivery

What we can doMission

Helping on achieving sustainable development in the field of energy in Saudi, and provide the Saudi market with services, engineering consultancy, and solutions to solar systems


CAPEX Dubai solar engineering consultancy
Sipchem International Company solar engineering consultancy

CAPEX Dubai solar engineering consultancy
Sipchem International Company solar engineering consultancy
Saudi Aramco Company solar engineering consultancy
Because you are the best you have chosen the best

Because you are the best you have chosen the best

We are a company offering appropriate solutions for technical, engineering and design problems of solar systems

Our partners

Hitachi company
Hitachi company

Japanese company
Chlorine solution production systems
Number of projects implemented: 2

Saacke Company
Saacke Company

German company
Experts in steam boiler burners
Number of projects implemented: 1

Intertek company
Intertek company

American company in Houston
Electric power plants, steam boilers, steam turbines, and gas turbines
Number of projects implemented: 25

Matrix company
Matrix company

Company in South Africa
Experts in power transformers
Number of projects implemented: 2

Sargent and linde company
Sargent and linde company

American Company in Saudi
Design of power plants
Number of projects implemented: 0


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